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Tips from a Computer Support Service Technician on How to Solve Those Common Problems

It may sound silly, but before you do anything with your PC when you have a problem with it, just restart it. This is a technique that really helps in many of the cases. But if your PC has other operational issues, you will have to turn to a reputable computer support service technician. Here’s what he can help you with.

My operation system is too slow. The first step a reliable repairer will take is to figure out the reason(s) for this annoying problem. The most common culprits are a full memory with programs you no longer use, saving too many files on your desktop, and out-of-date Window settings. Additionally, he will check whether you have up-to-date anti-virus and registry cleaning software.

My downloads take forever. To address this issue properly, a good technician will run a speed test on your computer to check if you have any connectivity troubles. If it shows no problems at all, then it should be your network hardware. Some torrents require uploading from time to time to increase the speed of your downloading.

My computer restarts by itself. Is that normal? Absolutely not. First, a dependable PC expert will check if you haven’t set your Windows to automatically restart your device during operation. If that’s not the problem, he will inspect your system drivers for any failures.

Different ads keep popping up on my desktop. If they pop up even when you are not using the Internet, you most likely have adware installed on your PC that allows those ads to be displayed. Fixing that problem is not an easy task. What you need to do is to run a full scan anti-malware program to check for malware intruders.

My Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. This issue can cause a huge headache for most of the computer owners. There could be a few reasons for that issue – your PC, your router, or ISP. Get in contact with your Internet Service provider before you call a custom computer service technician.

You can turn to Labarberas Computer Repair for a reliable laptop repair service. Do not hesitate, give us a call. We are based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and can be reached at (909) 244-2334.


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